Staff Bios

Executive Editor:

Jen Cooper is a junior journalism major and a creative writing minor. She hopes to have her own column on the opinion pages someday. She likes indie and alternative rock and is an active piccolo player in the SOSB Marching Band. Jen has been a member of the Independent editors since her freshman year, and one time talked to Anderson Cooper about journalism. When she isn’t swamped with essays, she can be found at Sephora buying more makeup than she needs, cuddling her kitten Holly, using the oxford comma, and reading Harry Potter.

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Managing Editor:

Rylie Bernard  is the Managing Editor of the Stony Brook Independent, where she has been working since 2015, first as a staff writer and then as the News Editor. She is a journalism major in her senior year. Beyond the never-ending joys of the journalistic process, she likes to drive her car, surf and daydream about adopting too many pets. She recommends thanking the custodial staff and tipping your delivery drivers. She would love to work for Vice/Viceland one day but wouldn’t complain about any job that pays to travel.

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News Editor: 

Hunter Frederick: Hey there champ. I’m Hunter, and I love writing blogs and listicles. Also, I’m your news editor. Go figure.

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Blogs Editor: 

Giovanni Ortiz: Gio, here. I like writing about things from culture, music and art to racism, dumb politics and just plain ol’ stupid stuff people do. Fittingly, I am the blogs editor. Hit me up and I’ll make your rant look pretty.

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Reviews Editor:

Nick Spennato is a journalism major who should probably have graduated by this point. He thinks reviews are important because he finds that an artistic work is only as good as the discussion that surrounds it. He hopes for the best with anything he reviews, but thinks bad reviews are more interesting in the same way an autopsy report is a livelier read than a clean bill of health. When he isn’t spouting off about other people’s work, he can generally be found reading his funny books or looking at his canary, Apollo.   

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Listicles Editor: 

Diamond Bridges: My name is Diamond Bridges and I’m the Listicles Editor for the Indie. I’m currently a junior Journalism major and Digital Arts minor. In the future I hope to work for either and online publication or through broadcast, so that’s why I feel like the Indie is the right place for me. Outside of journalism, I like dancing, listening to music, playing video games and watching anime. (Because I’m a nerd). 

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Copy Editor:

Dara Bahk is the Indie’s 5’7” copy editor who is not only virtually blind without her glasses but also hard of hearing. When she is not scrolling through memes, one will most likely find her at Starbucks either chugging down espresso shots, working behind the counter or both. The junior is currently studying psychology and sociology with a minor in creative writing, and she aspires to join the Peace Corps after graduating. In her free time, Dara enjoys binge-reading Jane Austen’s novels, taking steps to reduce her ecological footprint and napping with her dog, BMW

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Staff Writers:

Kaylyn Ahrenstein

Elizabeth Brenner

Rebecca Brooks

Janelle Clausen

Hager Eldaas

Kayla Frazier

Joe Goncalves

Rawson Jahan

Nick Kalantzopoulos

Kenneth Kim

Wenhao Ma

Autumn McLeod

Lawrence Nzuve

David Sheridan


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