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Watch These Shows!

So these are the TV shows I still watch, and why you should, too! Don’t worry, this list is short.

In order of least favorite to favorite, let’s start with Glee. Glee is taking over. It’s sort of viral, and pretty funny sometimes, but I stand by the opinion that it’s not a good show. I’m tired of the characters, the music isn’t always good, it has a lot of plot and pacing problems, I don’t understand how it works sometimes, but it’s addictive. And I can’t stop watching it.

And maybe even enjoying it sometimes. Look, I spend the couple minutes after every episode going What… the hell just happened and why am I still watching this show? It sucks. I just want to know what happens.

Moving on… Good Eats. Good Eats is a great show. I love Alton Brown – he appeals to my nerdy side in all the right ways and I love watching this show. There’s not much to say here. It’s just really educational, and the recipes are simple and he’s a fun guy to watch. In the same vein, any Top Chef is also on my list of “will eventually watch.”

Boardwalk Empire weighs in at #2! It’s on HBO, so yeah, there’s a lot of uncensored stuff and it’s pretty gory and bloody and creepy sometimes but oh. Man. I’m a sucker for the Prohibition Era, and Boardwalk does it so right. I might maybe prefer a New York City focus, but Atlantic City is close enough and the NY gangsters that show up are badasses. I like the characters even though most of them are just bad people, and I get grossed out sometimes, but it’s… so… good.

And realistic and gritty, too! It’s nice to get a good idea of how the ‘20s were outside of the Great Gatsby or history textbooks. It doesn’t really glamorize the whole underworld criminal organization thing, but it makes you want to get in on that anyway.

And my new love – Community. Community’s a show about a group of misfits in community college who get together in a study group and have wacky hijinks. The characters are all flawed, but sympathetic and lovable and great to see in action. The dialogue is so clean and snappy, and it’s really clever with the pop culture references, too.

And if you like characters who’re almost constantly sarcastic, watch this show. If you found clips, none of it would make sense out of context, but they’d still be funny and great to watch. The characters bounce off each other so well and the situations they’re in are so hilarious and its serious moments really hit you, but it always ends hilariously, so I have no complaints. It’s just a really good sitcom.

Watch Community, guys. I really want someone to freak out about the latest episode with.

And here’s a small mention of Fast Forward, which I would still be watching if it hadn’t been cancelled. It was a good show, and I’ll miss it. Mostly because now I can’t see John Cho acting all serious outside of rewatching old episodes. I’ll miss you, FF.

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