Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld – Wish You Were Here’ Tour Review

By Akanksha Kar

Reviews Editor

How do I begin to explain the theatrics of this tour? Lets begin with the fact that it was held for two nights only, sold out in Madison Square Garden.

Travis Scott’s “Astroworld – Wish You Were Here” Tour, held in MSG on Nov. 27 and 28, was beyond anything I have ever experienced in a concert before. As soon as you enter the arena, the first thing you notice is a giant roller coaster near the ceiling. Needless to say, that was quite impressive at first sight. Then it got better.

For a person who has gone to a number of concerts, including Kanye West, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, I was incredibly surprised to see the show start on time. The opening act, Trippie Red, entertained well, and sort of got the crowd warmed up with some popular rap and some of his originals, And oh yes, he was smoking weed on stage. About five minutes later, the entire arena lit up their joints and joined him.

Let me just say that that was the single most wholesome moment of my life, where a large crowd of stoners came together for that one evening just to have a massive party with Travis Scott and just let go.

After a short interlude, the lights went out. Smoke rose and fireworks erupted and there was Travis Scott coming down on a roller coaster wheel — which was hidden against the ceiling until Travis came — singing one of his hits from the album, “Stargazing.” The perfect opening song. It wasn’t the number one song of the album, but it wasn’t the least-listened to song either. It was just the right opener.

Throughout the concert, Travis would speak to the audience and make them feel quite welcome to his show. He has a warm tone in his voice when he speaks and it’s refreshing to know, since it completely goes against his public image.

The other most noticeable element of the show was its use of lights, firework displays and CGI effects on the screen. The entire concert was designed around the idea of an amusement park and the album is very pro-psychedelics. Naturally, the entire theme of the show was quite trippy.

He saved the best parts of the show for the end. During one of his other hits, “Can’t Say,” the crowd was surprised by Kylie Jenner, his girlfriend and, as the world might see her, a Kardashian. He sang the song as the couple rode the coaster across the arena overlooking the hundreds if not thousands in that crowd. If that wasn’t enough, his next song, “Goosebumps,” had the best guest artist I could possibly imagine. Kendrick Lamar featured in the song and the duo made me see stars that night with their performance.

To sum it up, I saw Kendrick Lamar live, Kylie Jenner and, of course, Travis Scott all in one night. Needless to say, I was just a tad bit starstruck for the entirety of the following week.

He ended the show with his now number 1 song in the Billboard charts, “Sicko Mode” featuring Drake. The show ended with a bang; an elegant display of more fireworks and laser lights.

Overall, this was by far the best concert experience that I’ve ever had, and I’m bumping it to the top of my list of things that I pat myself on the back for doing. If you missed the show, then you really missed out if you happen to like his music. The album was a platinum hit and the tour has recently bumped his ranking up in Billboard 100 charts up to the number one artist.

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