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  1. Nick Miceli at |

    The only thing that I hate about tipping is the idea that 15-20% tip should be applied to the bill. Lets say Im in a restaurant and I decide to order a nice big steak with one glass of wine. The person sitting next me orders a small salad and a water. The waiter/waitress brings me my wine and then my steak, making two trips to the table. The waiter/waitress does the same for the person next to me. Finally the bill comes and i owe $50 while the person next to me owes $10. This means that i would have to give a $10 tip, assuming im giving a 20% tip, and the person next to me only has to give $4. To me this doesn’t make sense since the waiter/waitress did the same amount of work for me as they did for the person next to me. Tips should not be based on how much the meal costs.


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