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  1. Hayden at |

    This is by far the most pathetic article I have ever read. My father grew up poor, using hand me down clothes and walking to school each and everyday. While in high school, my father worked two jobs. One of which was at a gas station teaching himself how to be an auto mechanic, the other was as a volunteer in the fire department. His “low social economic status pushed him to work as hard as he could. It’s funny, this low social economic status lead him to a successful life, multi million dollar success. He saved up enough money, his own money, to open up an auto body shop, worked 14 hours a day, 6 days a week. To add to the body shop, he invented and patented 21 tools for the body industry and opened up his own corporation. I myself, grew up, due to his “low social economic status” in a wealthy lifestyle. My parents paid for a top notch education, but that was it. I worked in my dad’s auto body shop from the age of 5, until I landed by first job at the age of 14. I paid my way through college, paid for my own car, and received no further assistance from my father. I worked for a degree in civil engineering and a minor in mathematics, while working full time, and interning over the summer. I work now as a civil engineer, 6 days a week, close to 80 hours, maintain a healthy relationship, and still find time for a social life. Our generation grew up so “privelaged”and has no idea what stress is, what the value of a dollar is, or what it means to actually work hard. Please get over your self.


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