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  1. beboplives at |

    It seems to me that Stony Brook allowed a person of limited intelligence to speak. Being morally handicapped is not a curable disease but the desire to spread the disease to others makes it dangerous. It is an easy target for conservative hockey pucks like this man to attack the so-called left-wing professors. The dummies complain that the liberal professors are corrupting the young minds that attend the University. This man knows nothing but what he was indoctrinated to think and shows the lack of insight into any of the problems by insulting the intelligence of those who watch him, many of whom totally disagreed with him. To have a discussion without becoming polemical is the best way of having a discourse.
    To attack people the way this man’s hero Donald Trump did is a tactic that has no place in a legitimate argument.Calling people names, insulting people, lack of any intellectual depth, and the conscience of a rock all describe not only this dummy but the whole Republican Party. Abraham Lincoln ( A Republican) said ” A country that is divided cannot stand” and this country is fatally divided.
    Kudos to Stony Brook University for having the intellectual and moral strength to invite someone with such shallow and unintelligent views to speak. They show why the intellectually challenged people are still the minority in this country.

  2. Byron at |

    The reality is that the vast majority of students had no idea this event was happening, so most students couldn’t be expected to show up to oppose OR support the speaker.

    If an event occurs and no one hears about it, did it even really take place?


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