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Propaganda Expelled

By Michael Giardinello

There certainly is no intelligence allowed in Ben Stein’s recent documentary, Expelled. In the film, Stein is searching through academia not for Ferris Bueller, but for the so-called “fascist” dictations that mainstream science, which supports evolution, has cast upon intelligent design.

Stein is portrayed as a courageous and daring figure standing up against the tyrannical actions of the scientific community. He travels around the country interviewing “scientists” who have felt the raft of his conceived assault on free speech.

Some of the subjects interviewed have lost their job due to their self-prescribed inclusion of intelligent design, into their students’ curriculum; and some, like Richard Stenberg, have lost their jobs and integrity because of their inclinations to spread the idea of intelligent design. Intelligent design is the assumption that life on Earth is simply too complex to have been created by undirected mechanisms; therefore, the origin of life is best explained as being created by an intelligent designer.

There are, however, significant differences between what was portrayed in the film and what actually happened. In the film, an editor for a scientific journal, Richard Stenberg, was demoted because he approved a publication of an essay associated with intelligent design. What Stein doesn’t tell you is that he already had plans to step down from his position before he even approved the publication. Also not mentioned is the way in which he published the essay; he self-approved the publication, bypassing the necessary process of peer review. These are two significant details Stein failed to mention, a reoccurring trend in the film.

The producers cleverly picked the interviewees in their consistent deceptive fashion; all of the advocates for evolution were led to believe that they were participating in an unbiased film about science and religion. Also, all of the advocates were atheists. They were handpicked to coincide with the film’s underlying theme that evolution is synonymous with atheism, and atheism is synonymous with evil.

The film points the finger at evolution as the cause for the holocaust. A woman being interviewed conveys that Hitler was an atheist who, in her opinion, was not insane, but he was simply a product of evolutionary ideology. Hitler, however, was not an atheist — he was a Roman Catholic. It is well documented that Hitler had multiple psychological disorders. There is also not a single mention of Darwin, or his theory, in Hitler’s Mein Kampf. If Hitler was so inspired by Darwin’s theory, wouldn’t he at least give Darwin a little acknowledgment?

Most of the film focuses on the previously mentioned tools of persuasion. A very small portion of the film discusses the actual ideology of intelligent design and for good reason — there is no empirical evidence in support of intelligent design. If there was
evidence, the film’s primary purpose wouldn’t be to bash evolution — there would be no need, because the evidence would do the bashing for them.

There was a purposeful cause for the termination and defamation of the “victims” of mainstream science. Intelligent design is not science; thus, it should not be presented in science classrooms and journals.

Mainstream science holds the responsibility to maintain the integrity of science. If intelligent design is permitted then other nonscientific
ideas would follow (e.g. astrology, witchcraft), which would ultimately deteriorate the true essence of science — progress.