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    Still, after reading this I don’t know why her skin burns/she melts. But this is what I’ve found closest to making sense.Oz being a dream world water has to do with emotions. I do know from interpreting dreams that water in dreams may be interpreted for being very emotional. All I know is when she’s emotional/overheated or more witchy her skin can’t take the exposure to the water it seems. So, I think if water is around and she’s really witchy or emotional it bothers her skin and worse case scenario melts her. Basically if she’s emotional her body basically gets overheated and can’t take it? It seems really deep and symbolic and an internal conflict to me. Any other thoughts on why Theodora’s skin burns and/or melts around water?… Anyway, I think there could’ve been more depth to the witches as well. Who knows? Maybe a series is in the works for that reason? A lot of unexplored roads in avenues such as the red one. Hmmm… Still some characters and stories to be explored. Anyway, good article.


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