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New Bike-Share Program Planned for Spring Semester

By Joann Fan

Amy Provenzano, executive director of the Environmental Stewardship, announced at a Civic Association of the Setaukets meeting that a bike-share program is in its preliminary stages at the university. A bike-share program allows several individuals to use bicycles for a certain period of time.

Some students drive in between classes on campus, and the program is aimed at encouraging students to take a bike instead of their car.

“We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint,” Provenzano wrote in an e-mail. “And this could help.”

The Faculty-Student Association, some staff, the FreeWheel Recycling club and several other students are members of a small group established to organize and implement this program. They have yet to decide how the program will be funded, or how many bikes will be available, but Provenzano said that she is optimistic that the program will be a success.

Several other universities with successful bike-share systems, such as Emory, Stanford, Cornell and Duke Universities and the University of California in Fresco will act as models for the Stony Brook program. The city of Denver also has a thriving bicycling community with almost 400 miles of bike paths.

One of many environmental initiatives at Stony Brook University, the bike-share is yet another developing program dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the university. Provenzano said that she hopes the program will be implemented during the Spring semester, though there is no definite date.

Several projects already in progress include solar-powered trash compactors to reduce trash overflow and a bus that runs on vegetable oil. Lighting controls in buildings, solar panel installations, vehicle charging stations and a new water heating system are also in the works.

New bike paths have also been planned and designed to connect areas of the campus.

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