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  1. VoiceofEurope at |

    “I was there …. I heard Meredith scream.”
    (Amanda Knox, Nov. 2007, Perugia / Italy)

    No question in my mind: She did it.
    She is not me or you … She i s that psychopath.

  2. Lyn Duncan at |

    There are always going to be people who are just like Nick Pisa and will not fact check. VoiceofEurope seems to be one. Check out amandaknoxcase.com for all info on the trials. That is translated testimony from ‘witnesses’ , experts, the defendants etc along with forensic reports, photo’s, all Court judgments, and 100’s of links to pertinent documents and commentary.

    1. VoiceofEurope at |

      Lyn …

      you are well known as one of the last valiant Amanda Knox supporters misleading the world.

      “Amandaknoxcase.com” does not represent the objective truth. It’s a page created to whitewash Knox & Sollecito. Everybody knows that. But the world isn’t full of idiots.

      The facts:

      – they had and have no alibis
      – Guede didn’t wield a knife, he is not the killer. He is an accomplice.
      – they left bare footprints all over the cottage, prints made in Meredith blood
      – they left DNA traces (Sollecito on Meredith bra / Amandas DNA was mixed up with Meredith blood in min. 5 places all over the cottage)
      – there is a murder weappon with mixed DNA on it (Knox & Merediths)
      – they accused a complete innocent man to be the murderer
      – they staged a break- in
      – the cottage was cleaned up after the crime
      – Guede places Amanda at the crime scene during the time Meredth was killed.
      – Amanda herself said many times she was there
      – ISC places her at the crime scene also
      – ISC said she washed Meredith blood off her hands

      and so on, and so on .

      There is tons of rock solid evidence against Amanda and her “drug & f*** – buddy – for – 7 – days”

      Be sure: The truth comes to daylight; latest in 2018. Time is running out for Knox & Sollecito.

      1. Lyn Duncan at |

        You dont let me down, but you sure do let Meredith down with your continued persecution of Amanda. And Raffaele when you remember him. Expected this kind of reply from you. ALL the points you make are thoroughly discredited at amandaknoxcase.com and by experts. Many of them world renowned. Hellmann saw it, Bruno/Marasca saw it. There was/is nothing to implicate Amanda and Raffaele in the murder of Meredith Kercher. If there were, they would be in prison and I would be joining you on the ‘dark side’.

        I have asked so very many longtime pro guilt people to supply a list of experts who agree with their thinking. I dont mean Nancy Grace/Allan Dershowitz or David Balding. I mean people who have actually studied all the evidence, thoroughly. So far nobody has fronted with such a list. What about you?

        You really show your true colours with your 2nd to last paragraph. So sad that you cannot help yourself.

  3. hikertom at |

    This is a case study in how innocent people are convicted. In this case there was no evidence or motive connecting Ms. Knox & Mr. Sollecito to the murder, just a ridiculous theory created in the perverted imagination of an Italian police investigator and prosecutor.

    This kind of injustice happens around the world, including here in the United States.

  4. Dr. Joseph Zoo at |

    It’s now legally certain that Knox and Raffaele were both “there” at the crime scene at the time of the murder, and proven that Guede assaulted Meredith and helped kill her with accomplices, are we now to assume that the lying Knox and Sollecito were not the accomplices, but that one or two other criminals were also on the premises at the same time and were helping Guede kill Meredith? That stretches credibility.

    This ruling is unfathomable. I can only imagine the reaction of the Kerchers and of their Attorney Maresca. This ruling defies common sense. It seems to imply that Rudy committed the killing but that Knox and Raffaele were too afraid of him to tell the police, and instead helped him hide the crime at the risk of themselves being prosecuted for it? That fear alone was the inducement to run an eight year long charade of lies and dissimulation, not to mention years of prison? When Raf’s father is connected to important people and when Knox’s family could afford a PR campaign to reach television? Yet Knox is so afraid of Guede counter-accusing her and of Guede being believed, that she has denied everything and even covered for Guede? Preposterous.

    Does Cassation think that Rudy set up the false burglary for his cover story, but then Knox and Raf lied to police about it for him? If Knox and Raf weren’t complicit in the crime but were there during its commission, what were they doing during the murder? Playing guitar and smoking weed? Knox and Raf overlooked Guede tracking blood around the cottage, heard Meredith’s scream but did nothing to aid her, too afraid to aid her and later ashamed of their cowardice? Were they threatened by Guede with the same fate? Or if they were hurting her along with Guede so that she did scream, they are still innocent?

    And why would Knox be washing Meredith’s blood off her hands into the bidet and washing up blood from the murder scene rather than call police and denounce Guede as the killer? Knox could have begged for police protection She had the USA to flee to. Raf’s father could protect him, his sister was Carabinieri!

    No. If Knox was washing Meredith’s blood off her hands, Knox was hiding her part in the murder.

    This ruling contradicts its own reasoning. It has proved the greater yet says it can’t prove the lesser.

  5. Dr. Joseph Zoo at |

    In the the final Supreme Court report of the case against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, the court found the following:

    * Knox was present at the cottage during the murder
    * Knox and Sollecito had no alibis for the night of the murder
    * Knox is a convicted liar who rightly spent four years in prison
    * Knox heard Meredith when she was murdered
    * Rudy Guede did not act alone
    * Rudy Guede did not hold a knife
    * Strong suspicion that Sollecito was at the cottage with Knox during the murder
    * There was a spot mixed with the victim’s blood and Knox’s DNA found in the bathroom
    * The crime scene was staged
    * Knox was aware of the sexual aspect of the crime before it could be determined by the police
    * There was no evidence of coercion by the police when Knox accused Lumumba of murder
    * Knox’s motive for falsely accusing Lumumba for murder was to cover up for Rudy Guede
    * Knox’s felony conviction won’t be affected in any way if the ECHR finds any human rights violations
    * Rudy Guede has less motive than Knox to commit crime

    All of the above would be more than enough to convict Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for either murder or accessory to murder in every common court of law throughout the world. But not this one. Why? Because of Sollecito’s and Bongiorno’s corruption through political channels and the mafia. This is now world wide news and is history now written in stone. Everyone throughout the world now knows that both Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito got away with murder, but it will never get away from them so they will never have lives of their own. Basically we own them and their futures of permanent poverty and re-incarceration are imminent.


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