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  1. John Pine at |

    I think people feel like they are not getting the service improvements they deserve. The LIRR keeps hiking fares yet the service on the Huntington/Port Jeff branches isn’t keeping up with the ridership. There also are not enough reverse-peak trains which SUNY students rely on. SUNY students make up the majority of the ridership on the Port Jeff branch yet there’s effectively only 2 trains for student commuters in the morning, and 2 in the afternoon/evening. And the 3+ hour gaps in trains is completely unacceptable. The LIRR is still run with a 1950’s mentality, and the classic ridership patterns of commuting to NY in the AM and coming back in the PM have changed alot. More people reverse commute and travel intra-island. The LIRR’s Top Brass still refuse to accept reality.


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