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  1. Mike D at |

    “Playing with pop for awhile”? Paramore were never punk (and neither, for that matter, was the Warped Tour). There was nothing on Riot, for instance, that wasn’t safe for the mall food court sound system. Paramore have simply shed their pretensions and embraced straight ahead power pop…but they were never really anything but.

    As for the Farro boys, Novel American is awful so far. Just more overproduced, generic Disney Channel emo mush. The notion that the Farros seem to hold of themselves, that they are rebellious indie punks, is laughable.

    1. Brandon H at |

      And now they ARE headlining at Madison Square Garden. 🙂

  2. Wherter at |

    How you DARE to put BLINK 182 AND GREEN DAY on the same level OF PARAMORE?! you sick bastard you dont know a fcking thing about music


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