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Conservative Patriot Prints First Issue

By George Agathos
Photo and Technology Editor

A common perception about students at our campus, and at most college campuses in general, is that they largely identify themselves politically as liberals. Until recently, this perception even encompass the student media groups, which are largely seen by some to feature the ideologies of the left far more often than those of the right. Recently, a group of campus students set out to change that. The Patriot is a brand-new monthly publication, which largely features articles and viewpoints with a conservative slant.

According to its founders, the Patriot “is dedicated to building upon and fostering the conservative views that are strong among so many of us, yet suppressed in our community.” Indeed, the Patriot has already released its inaugural issue, and is seen by some students as a welcome relief from the primary print choices that existed up until now: the Statesman and the Press.

The inagural issue featured, on the front page, an exclusive interview with USG President Jared Wong. In the past, Wong was involved with the Enduring Freedom Alliance, which is the parent organization which currently sponsors the Patriot. While this may be seen by some as a potential conflict of interest, it can be said that students who get involved with clubs and organizations on campus often tend to get involved with more than one organization. Democracy itself is a conflict of interest–but the connection is still an important one to note.

The Patriot is just one of a number of new media organizations that have been formed this year at Stony Brook. These include a new literary journal, Creative Minds: The SBU Journal of the Arts, a new arts publication, Gadfly, The Minaret, a newsletter released by the Muslim Students Association, and of course, the Independent.

The Stony Brook Patriot

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