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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Stony Brook Edition

By Joann Fan

Winston Churchill once said, “There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” Whether or not these changes are in the right direction is up to you, but here are 10 things to look out for while you acquaint (or reacquaint) yourself with the campus.

Two new residence halls, Yang and Lauterbur, are now open and operational. Yang is officially part of Roosevelt Quad, whereas Lauterbur is part of Kelly Quad . The halls are named after Dr. Chen Ning Yang and Paul Lauterbur, both Nobel Laureates. Uncreatively, they’re known as the “Nobel Halls.”

Also new in Roosevelt is a building that looks suspiciously identical to the Tabler Arts Center. The building has been completed and is due for a new dining area. For now, it’s just waiting for someone to move in and open shop.

H-Quad underwent renovations this past summer as part of a 10-year renovation cycle. Mendelsohn received the makeover last summer after Tabler Quad in 2008.

If you haven’t eaten at Wolfie’s yet, you definitely won’t be able to now. Due to lack of profitability, Wolfie’s has been shut down and converted into a lounge until someone proposes another concept for the area. For now, it’s just another place to sit. If you’re really craving wings, Delancey Street restaurant and deli is now offering table service and a Wolfie’s-style menu for dinner.

It’s probably a good thing that Wolfie’s is a lounge now, because the Traditions Lounge in the SAC has been reduced to about 1/7th of its original size with much of the space converted to a new dining area. The new dining area seats an estimated 150-200 people.

Drivers: Tired of waiting for students to stroll across John S. Toll Road with all the speed of a snail stuck in molasses? That is no longer your problem; it’s been closed off to traffic between the Sports Complex and the Staller Center. Construction to completely rework the road and increase pedestrian safety is due to begin in 2011.

Need something? The Seawolves Marketplace has a new doorway setup and layout. Need electronics? There’s a whole wall dedicated to them now, and a larger selection of food.

Roth Pond seems to have gone on a diet this past summer– trees that were in the water last year are now about 10 feet away from the edge of the pond. The smaller size of the pond should make it easier to keep the fish in it alive.

The emergency door in the Library’s main SINC site has been replaced with an automatic, handicapable door that leads directly to the Academic Mall. It’s closed for now, but should be operational within a week.

The door in the Library’s Commuter Lounge that leads to the Academic mall has also been replaced. It’s currently roped off, but should be accessible soon.

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