Celebrities Better Suited For The Presidential Cabinet

Photo from obamawhitehouse.archives.gov

By Kayla Lupoli-Nolan
Contributing Writer

With Donald Trump’s cabinet shaping up to be filled with more CEOs and old white men than previous cabinets, it is safe to say that the next four years might seem like a Black Mirror episode. But if Trump plans on filling his cabinet with business celebrities, I can fill my own cabinet with real celebrities.


1. Dennis Rodman as Secretary of Defense

Photo from usmagazine.com


2. Beyonce as Attorney General

Photo from Billboard.com


3. Migos as Secretary of the Treasury

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4. Taraji P Henson as Secretary of Commerce

Photo from blogspot.com


5. Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson as Secretary of Labor

Photo from tumblr.com


6. Eric Andre as Secretary of Education

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7. Hannibal Buress as Secretary of Health and Human Services

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8. Chrissy Teigen as Secretary of State


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9. Ben Affleck as Director of National Security

Photo from vnews.com


10. Jason Statham as Secretary of Homeland Security

Photo from tumblr.com


11. Robert Downey Jr. as Secretary of Energy

Photo from thefamouspeople.com


12. Killer Mike as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Photo from tumblr.com


13. Ludacris as Secretary of Transportation

Photo from moviestillsdb.com


14. RuPaul as Secretary of Interior

Photo from ecestaticos.com


15. Seth Rogen as Secretary of Agriculture

Photo from fastcompany.net


16. Brad Pitt as Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Photo from tumblr.com


17. Action Bronson as Director, Office of Management and Budget

Photo from brandnew.hiphop


18. Leonardo Dicaprio as Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency

Photo from thewashingtonpost.com


19. Laverne Cox as UN Ambassador

Photo from tumblr.com


20. Snoop Dogg as Small Business Administration

Photo from tumblr.com


21. Anthony Bourdain as U.S Trade Representative

Photo from tumblr.com


22. Bonus: Danny Devito as Press Secretary

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