Animal Shelters on Long Island Rescuing Abandoned Pets After Hurricane Harvey

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By Akanksha Kar
Staff Writer


Since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston on August 19, it has led to some serious safety concerns, such as the well being of pets, and how to shelter the beloved animals.

Animal shelters like SPCA Houston, SPCA Texas and Austin Pets Alive (APA) are overflowing with an influx of dogs and cats, providing them with emergency care, vaccinations, shelter and food.

All over the nation, neighboring states have been reaching out to these animal shelters to take in the estimated 600,000 pets that have been abandoned to fend for themselves after the disaster hit. Southwest Airlines has even donated an entire aircraft to fly out the numerous puppies, kittens, dogs and cats to Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego.

Meanwhile, one our very own, The Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) of the Hamptons in Wainscott, had “arrived in Belmont on September 2nd” and also sent down “two transport vehicles loaded with donations,” said Executive Director, Scott Howe.

“We have rescued 57 dogs and cats and are now ensuring that the animals are being medically taken care of to be cleared for adoption at the ARF adoption center as well as partnering shelters on Long Island,” he added.

Donations have included “medical supplies, towels, blankets, food [and] aluminum pans for feeding”, as well as many people offering to “take up some of the expenses of housing these animals from ARF.” Howe believes that the “best way that people can help is to adopt them since unfortunately, these animals are not lost or will have a hope of reuniting with their owners, they have just been surrendered by their owners. It’s almost like a euthanasia.”

The animals are said to be in “great shape, with just the common illnesses as there hasn’t been continuous care from the owners.” ARF is providing every animal with “necessary vaccinations, heartworm treatment, parasite treatment and have spayed and neutered all animals.”

Moreover, another one of Long Island’s local shelters, Little Shelter in Huntington, has arranged the transportation of nearly “60 dogs and cats” to their facility on September 5th and are carrying out similar medical procedures to that of ARF, ensuring that the animals are the first priority.

Apart from that, families who have taken in pets temporarily can rely on the organization, Long Island Cares in Hauppauge. They have actively been in touch with these animal shelters on Long Island and have provided their nonprofit services from Baxter’s Pet Pantry to provide to “Long Island families in need, who adopt or temporarily take in animals a free six-month supply of pet food.”

Ever since the public law of “providing essential assistance to individuals with household pets and service animals following a disaster — with the provision of rescue, care, shelter, and essential needs” had been passed on October 6, 2006, people all over the nation have gone out of their way to donate food, blankets, grooming essentials and even their homes. Drug companies have also donated required vaccines and medication for the care of these pets, and animals shelters are openly welcoming more and more volunteers to help out and take in these animals that need care. Locals on Long Island are encouraged to give in anything that they can to ARF or Little Shelter, like food, blankets, their services and homes to these animals, to once again ensure a normal life for these pets.

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