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America East Tournament Live Blog: Day 3 (Women)

The Stony Brook Independent will be bringing you constant coverage all weekend from the America East’s men’s and women’s basketball tournaments in Hartford, CT. Today’s blog is contributed to you by Michael Kelly and Raimundo Ortiz.

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Game 2: No. 1 Hartford Hawks vs. No. 4 Stony Brook Seawolves

3:37: It is over, Hartford advances. Mary Silvia leads Hartford with 17 points, and Kirsten Jeter leads all scorers with 19. Hartford wins, 65-43.

3:35: Stony Brook Head Coach Michele Cherry just emptied the bench.

3:33: Hartford has put this one out of reach. The Hawks now lead 61-43 after a Diana Delva jumper. Just over a minute to go.

3:31: Hartford’s Erica Beverly had to be carried off the court. Not sure what happened- she fell very close to the basket support, and may have hit herself between that and the court. Either way, Stony Brook’s Misha Horsey is public enemy number one in Hartford at the moment.

3:29: Stony Brook’s Misha Horsey just gave a hard foul to Hartford’s Erica Beverly, who is down on the court. Not called a flagrant, but Hartford Head Coach Jennifer Rizzotti was very upset.

3:27: And Stony Brook’s Kirsten Jeter has fouled out with 3:11 to go. Already down 53-43, it is going to be really tough for the Seawolves to make a comeback without their star player.

3:24: Media timeout. Hartford leads it by 10 with 3:48 to go, 53-43. Stony Brook’s Kirsten Jeter has had a strong game with 19 points, but she has not had enough help thus far to topple the top-seeded Hawks.

3:20: Stony Brook’s Kirsten Jeter just got very lucky, almost picking up her fifth foul on a block/charge call. Then comes down and converts for two, Hartford now leads by eight, 51-43 with 5:02.

3:12: Media timeout, 7:58 to go. Hartford still leads it by nine, 49-40.

3:10: Stony Brook showing some life- four quick points by Kirsten Jeter makes it 49-40. Hartford calls timeout, but when we get back from the break Stony Brook will have the ball.

3:07: Both Destiny Jacobs and Kirsten Jeter of Stony Brook have four fouls.

3:06: Needed that one- Tamiel Murray puts a basket in for Stony Brook, cutting the Hartford lead to nine. Ten minutes to play.

3:02: Media timeout, but nothing much going on. Still 43-34; 11:51 to go.

2:58: Hartford’s Mary Silvia hits another from deep, forcing a Stony Brook timeout. Hartford is up nine with 12:48 to go.

2:56: Big three-pointer by Hartford’s Mary Silvia, making the score 40-34 in favor of the Hawks. Thirteen and change to go.

2:51: Stony Brook’s Joia Daniels banks in a deep two-pointer, Hartford leads by five. Just over 15 minutes to play, media timeout.

2:46: Basket by Stony Brook’s Jeter, free throw by Hartford Diana Delva- 35-28, Hartford. 18 minutes to play.

2:44: We are back!

2:32: Both teams should be pretty happy going into the break. Hartford goes into the half with an eight-point lead, despite having to play most of the half without their best player, Diana Delva. Meanwhile, Stony Brook was tied with just a few minutes left in the half, so any confidence issues they may have had coming into the game against the top-seeded Hawks should be gone. Be back in about 15 minutes.

2:29: Got away from Stony Brook a bit at the end of the half. Hartford leads it by eight going into the break, 34-26. Hartford ended the half on a 9-1 run.

2:21: Risky move here- Hartford has brought back Diana Delva, who has two fouls. The game is tied at 25 with 2:30 to play in the half.

2:19: Just announced- Hartford’s Erica Beverly recorded her 1,000 rebound a few minutes ago. She is the first player in program history to do so.

2:18: Stony Brook is hanging tough. A banker by Joia Daniels makes the game 25-23, Hartford. 2:42 to play, media timeout.

2:14: Stony Brook just forced a Hartford shot-clock violation, with 4:59 to go in the half. Hartford leads it, 22-17.

2:09: Media timeout. Hartford leads it by six, 20-14. Hartford’s Daphne Elliot and Stony Brook’s Kirsten Jeter lead the way with six points each. 6:28 to go before the break.

2:06: Hartford’s Ilicia Mathis hits one of two at the foul line, 18-12 lead for Hartford. 8:20 to play in the half.

2:02: Not going to be a fun media timeout for Stony Brook’s Gerda Gatling, who just fouled a three-point shooter right in front of Seawolves’ coach, Michele Cherry. 12-8 Hartford, 10:07 to play.

2:00: Timeout, Stony Brook. Four quick points put the Hawks ahead 10-6. Still no Diana Delva for Hartford, saddled with two fouls.

1:57: With 12:18 to go in the half, the score is tied at six. Stony Brook already has six team fouls.

1:52: With 14:40 to play in the half, Hartford and Stony Brook are tied at four.

1:47: Two fouls on Hartford’s Diana Delva, and she is on the bench. She was the conference’s player of the year, this is a huge loss for the Hawks.

1:46: Stony Brook’s Kirsten Jeter and Misha Horsey have hit for baskets, Seawolves lead 4-0. 16:55 to play.

1:44: Stony Brook starts the game off by twice stealing the ball from Hartford, but cannot connect for an points. Scoreless with 18:30 to play.

1:43: And, we are off! Hartford wins the tip.

1:30: Big cheer for Stony Brook as they come back on the court. It seems like the crowd support is pretty even between the teams. Six minutes until tip.

1:20: Court is empty, but the stands are filling up a bit. Both teams have a decent amount of fans here, as well as their marching band, dance team and cheerleaders.

1:10: Both teams are on the floor, stretching out. Lot of red right now on the court.

Game 1: No. 2 Vermont Catamounts vs. No. 3 Boston University Terriers

1:04: Vermont finishes off BU, and will advance to the championship with a 69-52 win. May Kostopoulos led the Catamounts with 13 points, and Courtney Pilypaitis contributed 12 points and 16 rebounds.

12:59: BU’s still fighting, but time is not on their side (nor the rim). Vermont leads it 64-48 with 2:14 to play.

12:51: Nice dribble drive by Vermont’s May Kostopoulos to find Alissa Sheftic for an easy layup. BU has lost its grip on the game- Vermont leads 61-45 with 4:04 to play. Vermont is on a 16-4 run during the last five or so minutes.

12:46:Timeout, BU. With 5:26 to play, the Terriers are struggling to get anything on the offensive end. Vermont still leads, 55-44.

12:41: Media timeout, 7:11 to play. Vermont is ahead 53-41 after a couple of May Kotsopoulos free throws.

12:37: BU has missed six straight free throws in the last two minutes. Vermont leads 49-41, nine minutes to play.

12:33: Vermont’s Lauren Buschmann is hit with a technical foul after getting after BU’s Chantell Alford under the basket. Alford is unable to make Vermont pay though, missing both. Courtnay Pilypaitis scores inside and pushes Vermont’s lead t 47-41 with 9:27 remaining.

12:30: A May Kostpolous drive to the hoop results in a basket and a 45-40 Vermont lead with 10:43 left in the game.

12:25: The Vermont-heavy crowd is in full throat as BU calls timeout following a Lauren Wheeler three that put the Catamounts ahead 43-37 with 12:25 remaining.

12:21: BU has pulled even in what has been a tight game throughout. 35-35 with 14:42 left in the second half.

12:15: Vermont timeout. BU’s Caitlynn Moran sinks a three to draw BU to within one point. Vermont has the lead, 34-33, with 16:23 left in the second half.

12:10: Kendra Seto kicks off the second half scoring, pushing her tally to nine. Vermont leads 34-26 with 18:10 left in the second half.

11:52: Vermont’s Kendra Seto closes out the first half with a buzzer-beating jumper from the corner. Seto and Kostopolous are pacing the Catamounts with seven points each. Vermont leas 32-2 at halftime.

11:47: The lead is changing hands on an almost possession-to-possession basis. Despite being outshot and outrebounded, BU is 10-of-10 from the free throw line. Vermont leads 25-24 with 2:00 to go in the first half.

11:44: Vermont has regained the lead on a free throw by Kendra Seto. Vermont leads 23-22 with 3:12 left in the first half.

11:39: Vermont’s Buschmann continues to assert herself on the low blocks with two consecutive offensive rebounds, but can’t score the ball on either. BU is playing solid defense and holding off Vermont 22-21 with 3:48 left in the first half.

11:34: Vermont’s Lauren Buschmann is called for traveling, but is making her mark in the paint. She has four points in just four minutes on the floor. BU leads 22-18 with 6:02 left in the first half.

11:28: Media timeout. Vermont center Alissa Sheftic has two fouls. BU is riding the three-point shooting of Aly Hinton (2-of-2) right now- BU is up 18-14 with 7:56 left in the first half.

11:24: Vermont’s May Kostopolous pick-pockets BU’s Caitlynn Moran but misses the layup. BU’s Aly Hinton drains a three to make it 14-11, BU with 10 minutes remaining in the first half.

11:18: Vermont’s offense is improving its efficiency, but BU is matching them after getting a three from Aly Hinton. BU is up 11-9 with 12:35 to go in the first half.

11:13: Media timeout. Vermont’s Courtnay Pilypaitis is being aggressive offensively but her shots have been off the mark. The offenses still seem to be stuck in the mud as the two teams have combined for six turnovers. Vermont leads 5-4 with 15:44 left in the first half.

11:09: Both teams have come out of the gate sloppily on offense. BU takes an early 2-0 lead but Vermont’s May Kostopolous answers by swishing a jumper to tie. 2-2 with 17:30 left in the first half.

11:04: The game has begun. Vermont wins the tip and pens the game with a turnover.

10:56: The national anthem has been sung and the pre-game drills have resumed for both teams. Four minutes until tip-off.

10:46: Both teams were just on the floor, with about 15 minutes until the tip. BU has since made their way back to their locker room, but Vermont continues to go through some drill lines.

10:32: We are back! Neither team is on the floor right now, but the tip is less than 30 minutes away. Be back in a bit.

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