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America East Tournament Live Blog: Day 2

The Stony Brook Independent will be bringing you constant coverage all weekend from the America East’s men’s and women’s basketball tournaments in Hartford, CT. Today’s blog is contributed to you by Michael Kelly, Gene Morris and Raimundo Ortiz.

*For an irreverent behind the scenes look at the America East Tournament, check out Gene Morris’s blog.
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Game 4: No. 3 Maine Black Bears vs. No. 6 New Hampshire Wildcats

10:48: Uneventful end to that one, New Hampshire easily holds on for the 68-57 victory. We will be back tomorrow.

10:25: Alvin Abreu drains another three-pointer to put the Wildcats up 59-46 with 4:10 remaining. That one might have been the dagger.

10:16: Five minutes has melted off the clock and New Hampshire still leads by 13, 54-41. It is beginning to look tough for Maine to make a comeback.

10:04: Alvin Abreu just drilled a huge three-pointer to push New Hampshire in front by 13. Maine then came down and committed an offensive foul. New Hampshire leads 46-33 with 11:55 remaining.

9:57: Dane Dillegro puts back a missed three-pointer and New Hampshire jumps out to a 38-29 lead. See if Maine can get off the deck and respond.

9:47: Back underway here and Maine’s Gerald McLemore hits a quick three-pointer to put Maine back in front by one, 27-26.

9:30: Halftime here at the Chase Family arena, and New Hampshire leads Maine 26-24. Not only do we have the closest game after 20 minutes so far today, the lower seed is out in front. You do not want to miss the second half of this one.

9:27: Neither team is shooting particularly well from the field, but every inch is being fought for. If you like tough, hard-nosed basketball than this game is for you.

9:17: Maine had pulled ahead by five points 23-18, but New Hampshire answered quickly with a bucket to cut it back to three. It looks like we should have the most competitive game of the day in front of us.

9:12: Game is tied at 18, with New Hampshire showing good fight. Unfortunately they just went into the double penalty. In a tight defensive game like this that could make a huge difference.

9:02: New Hampshire’s Tyrone Conley hits a three-pointer from the corner to tie the game at 13. Conley has nine all by himself. 11:37 remaining.

8:58 Maine and New Hampshire playing very physical under the basket. Every point is going to have to be earned in this game. Maine leads 13-8 with 13:54 remaining.

8:51: Maine’s Sean McNally cleans up an air ball underneath the basket and puts the Blackbears up 9-4 with 16:20 remaining in the first half.

8:48: The game is underway and neither team has scored yet. Expect a defensive struggle.

8:14: Both teams are out warming up. It will be interesting to see if anyone is left to watch this game once the Vermont crowd leaves.

Game 3: No. 2 Vermont Catamounts vs. No. 7 UMBC Retrievers

8:08: Sleepily, it is over. Intensity lacked for the last five minutes of this one, as Vermont wins big, 76-59.

8:02: Starting to see some more of the bench with just over two minutes to play. Vermont leads it by a big margin, 75-55.

7:55: Both teams still have their full rosters in, but Vermont leads 71-50 with only 3:47 to play.

7:50: …Vermont’s Marqus Blakely just came back in. Nine second after he came out. Nevermind.

7:49: Vermont’s Marqus Blakely has take a seat with 5:41 to play, and it might be for the game- Vermont leads by 19, 67-48.

7:46: Media timeout. 67-44, Vermont. Just over six minutes to play.

7:42: Vermont’s Maurice Joseph just dove through press row after a loose ball. No computers were hurt, and Joseph is still in the game. 62-41 Vermont, 7:50 to play.

7:38: Vermont’s Nick Vier hits a driving layup. The very next possession, Marqus Blakely got inside for a jam- Vermont leads it 62-38 with 10 minutes to play.

7:29: UMBC’s Shawn Grant hits a long two and then Vermont’s Brendan Bald answers with two of his own. Vermont still leads it, 53-31. Just under 14 minutes to play.

7:23: Tempers continuing to flare in this one- UMBC’s Chris De La Rosa and Vermont’s Maurice Joseph just got into it with one another.

7:20: Technical foul on UMBC’s Chauncey Gilliam. Did not quite see what it was about, Gilliam had not been involved in the play too much. Vermont’s Maurice Joseph hit both free throws. The very next play, there was a bit of a scrum between the two teams- no fouls or technicals were given out, but it might be time for Vermont Head Coach Mike Lonergan to consider removing some of his stars.

7:16: Shaving problem or not, Vermont’s Marqus Blakely has asserted himself in the early going of the half. The forward has two quick baskets, putting his team ahead by 18, 44-26. UMBC timeout.

7:12: Vermont’s Marqus Blakely appears to have had a shaving problem during halftime. He is on the court warming up with a huge band-aid on his chin. You would think the players would take care of these things before the game. Play is about to start.

7:07: The Vermont band is playing “Sweet Caroline.” Life is good. Six minutes until we resume action.

6:59: Vermont is ahead by at the half, 40-26. Maurice Joseph leads the Catamounts with 14 points, and Adrian Satchell leads UMBC with 12. UMBC has managed to stay within striking range, despite not playing well- the Retrievers were outrebounded 26-16, giving up 12 offensive rebounds in the process. Right now, the reason Vermont has not completely pulled away has been their dreadful shooting (34 percent from the field).

6:52: Double-pump “and-1” layup by Vermont’s Maurice Joseph makes it 37-21. 2:30 left in the half.

6:50: UMBC has extended their zone to press the Catamounts coming up the court. While it is not forcing turnovers, it does seem to have thrown Vermont off just a bit.

6:47: Media timeout. Monster block by Vermont’s Marqus Blakely to get us here- the ball felt that one. Vermont leads 33-21, 3:58 left in the half.

6:44: Media timeout. UMBC’s Adrian Satchell gets the credit for two points on a goaltending by Vermont’s Marqus Blakely. UMBC should hope Blakely is so kind more often- the Catamounts lead it 33-18, 5:35 left in the half.

6:38: We were thisclose to seeing a monster dunk from Marqus Blakely. Instead, Vermont turned the ball over on a 3-on-1. Vermont leads 28-12, 8:15 left.

6:33: Frustration is setting in- Chauncey Gilliam just shoved Vermont’s Garvey Young as he went in for a layup. Young to the line for two, but no intentional on Gilliam. Vermont leads 24-10 with 10:06 after Young hit 1-of-2.

6:31: UMBC’s Shawn Grant was on the ground, holding the ball. Then, Vermont’s Marqus Blakely dove on top of him to tie him up, which somehow was not a foul. And, the resulting jump ball went to Vermont; just the way it is going for UMBC. 23-10, 10:45 left in the half.

6:26: Media timeout. UMBC is showing some fight, but it is just not showing up on the scoreboard. Vermont leads it 18-8, 11:46 left in the half.

6:22: Vermont’s running hockey shifts right now- five in, five out. Maybe that is not quite how they do it in hockey, but whatever. Vermont leads 18-6 with 13:35 left in the half.

6:17: UMBC makes it to the first media timeout, but barely. Vermont leads 13-2 on the strength of Maurice Joseph’s eight points. 15:53 left in the half.

6:14: A “bench” technical foul was just given to UMBC. Surprised it was not just on Head Coach Randy Monroe- he was really giving it to one of the officials over a non-call.

6:12: UMBC is playing a pretty interesting defense- it is a 3-2 zone, but with extra attention on Vermont’s Marqus Blakely. It sometimes looks like the bottom two defenders on the zone are just double-teaming the Vermont star. Vermont leads 6-2 with 17:08 left in the first half.

6:08: UMBC’s Robbie Jackson striked first with a layup, but then Vermont’s Maurice Joseph quickly answered with a three-pointer. 3-2, Vermont.

6:05: Just about to tip- crowd is about 98 percent in favor of Vermont.

5:57: Both teams are on the court and warming up. Game will start in about seven minutes.

Game 2: No. 4 Boston University Terriers vs. No. 5 Hartford Hawks

4:30: Boston finishes off Hartford 87-46. Jake O’Brien had 28 points and Corey Lowe had 26, outscoring Hartford on their own. The story of the game was Boston’s three-point shooting; they finished at 54 percent on 14-of-26 from deep.

4:26: Boston is up 86-44 with 1:40 left in the game.

4:21: Joe Zeglinski hits a three coming out of the timeout, showing he still has fight in him. Boston has an 84-42 lead with 3:53 to go.

4:20: Hartford timeout. Boston continues to score and Corey Lowe has pushed his point total to 26 with back-to-back threes. Lowe is 7-of-9 from three-point range. Boston leads 84-39 with 4:20 remaining.

4:16: Corey Lowe hits a three just before the shot clock expires to push Boston’s lead to 77-39 with 5:42 left on the clock.

4:09: Boston’s Carlos Strong just turned in what is no doubt the play of the game on a put-back dunk in which he literally jumped over Hartford’s Ryan Baker and appeared to be sitting on his shoulders. Boston leads 69-37 with 8:54 left on the clock.

4:06: Boston is shooting 50 percent from beyond the arc (11-of-22) and now has a thirty-point, (64-34) lead over Hartford with 10:00 remaining.

3:56: Three-pointer by Boston’s Jake O’Brien followed by a three for Hartford’s Joe Zeglinski. Hartford has looked better in the second half but still is struggling to contain Boston’s shooters. Boston is ahead 55-31 with 13:59 remaining.

3:50: Media timeout. Hartford is putting it all on the line and diving all over the floor. Their defensive intensity seems to have gone up and Boston hasn’t scored a field goal yet in the second half. Still with 16:18 left in the second half Boston leads 50-24.

3:45: Bodies are flying all over the floor as Hartford has stepped up their intensity. They’ll need to shore up their defense to get back in the game though. Boston leads 48-21 with 18:11 left in the second half.

3:24: Boston University leads Hartford 48-20 at the half. Corey Lowe and Jake O’Brien each have 14 to lead the Terrirers.

3:19: Boston continues to lead, 43-19, with 1:27 remaining. Corey Lowe leads the Terriers with 14 points.

3:11: Boston continues to assert themselves and shoot a high percentage. Boston leads 35-17 with 5:11 to go in the first half.

3:07: Media timeout. Whether launching three-point shots or hitting layups and getting fouled, Boston seems to only be scoring in threes. The Terriers are shooting 57 percent from the field and 55 percent from deep. They lead Hartford 32-15 with 7:57 remaining in the first half.

3:02: Boston’s hot shooting has yet to cool off. They are 5-of-9 from three-point land and lead Hartford 25-12 with 9:29 to go in the first half.

2:57: Boston is shooting 50 percent (4-of-8) from beyond the arc and has jumped out to a 20-8 lead with 12:08 remaining in the first half.

2:53: Coming out of a timeout, Joe Zeglinski hoists a jump shot for Hartford’s first non three-point field goal. Boston leads 15-8 with 13:50 left in the first half after a Jake O’Brien three.

2:46: After a Boston three, Morgan Sabia hits one of his own to put Hartford back on top 6-5.

2:44: Morgan Sabia starts the scoring off for Hartford with a three. Hartford is up early, 3-2 with 17:29 to go in the first half.

2:42: Hartford wins the tip and immediately gets to the foul line. Morgan Sabia misses both free throws.

2:36: Two minutes until Boston vs. Hartford tips off. The layup lines are in full force, as Hartford star fires up a three to warm up.

Game 1: No. 1 Stony Brook Seawolves vs. No. 8 Albany Great Danes

2:04: Stony Brook wins 68-59. Bryan Dougher, Chris Martin, Muhammad El-Amin, and Tommy Brenton all finish the game with double-digit scoring. Brenton had 16 rebounds in the winning effort.

2:00: Albany refuses to give up as Logan Aronhalt buries another three. Dallis Joyner is fouled and hits one of two free throws. Stony Brook is up 66-59 with 41.6 seconds on the clock.

1:58: Tommy Brenton hits one of two free throws for Stony Brook and Albany’s response is a three from Logan Aronhalt. Stony Brook is up 64-56 with 1:01 left.

1:55: Albany’s Will Harris hits a three to cut the deficit to ten. Stony Brook leads 63-53 with 1:20 to go.

1:54: Albany’s Tim Ambrose hits a three-pointer, but Dallis Joyner of Stony Brook answers with another fierce dunk. Stony Brook leads 63-50 with 1:48 remaining.

1:48: Stony Brook’s Tommy Brenton takes a charge from Mike Black who is in pain after crashing to the floor. Black has fouled out of the game. Stony Brook leads 61-47 with 3:13 remaining.

1:44: Stony Brook’s Bryan Dougher hits a nifty reverse layup off the glass to push Stony Brook’s lead into the double-digits. Dougher follows the layup with a three to give the Seawolves a 59-45 advantage with 4:39 left.

1:42: Albany has gone ice-cold from the field, only shooting 22 percent (4-of-18) from the floor. Stony Brook is ahead 54-45 with 5:51 remaining in the game.

1:38: Media timeout. Albany’s leading scorer, Mike Black, is now saddled with four fouls and will have to sit for a while. Stony Brook is up 52-43 with 7:41 left on the clock.

1:37: Stony Brook’s Tommy Brenton drives to the hoop and scores while being fouled. He hits the foul shot to complete the three-point play to give Stony Brook a 52-43 lead with 8:28 to go.

1:32: Albany’s Mike Black hits two free-throws, giving him 17 points so far. He has been the focal point of Albany’s offense in the second half. Stony Brook leads 49-43 with 9:47 left in the game.

1:30: Coming out of a timeout Albany’s Fran Urli gets to the rim and hits two free throws. Albany is down 47-41 with 10:12 left.

1:25: Stony Brook senior guard Eddie Castellanos misses two free throws but Albany can not take advantage. Stony Brook leads 47-39 with 11:37 left to go.

1:19: Stony Brook’s Dougher banks a shot off the glass, giving Stony Brook a 47-39 lead with 13:38 remaining.

1:16: A three-pointer for Bryan Dougher gives Stony Brook a 45-38 lead with 15:15 left on the clock.

1:13: Media timeout. Albany’s Mike Black has started the second half on fire, scoring Albany’s first eight points, but Stony Brook has been able to keep pace. Both teams have come out with offense on their minds. Stony Brook is ahead 42-38 with 15:58 left in the second half.

1:09: Chris Martin hits a three for his first field goal of the game. Albany’s Mike Black hits his second straight three to answer, but Martin dishes to Tommy Brenton for another quick score on the other end. Stony Brook leads 38-36 with 17:29 left in the second half.

1:08: Stony Brook starts the second half with the ball. Tommy Brenton inbounds to Bryan Dougher who throws up an ally-oop to Dallis Joyner. Albany quickly responds with a three. Stony Brook leads 33-31 with 18:58 to go.

12:51: At halftime, Stony Brook leads Albany 31-28. Will Harris has been very effective for Albany with 12 points on 5-of-10 shooting. Chris Martin has been key for Stony Brook, scoring nine points, all of which have been free throws. Tommy Brenton has also been a big contributor with five offensive rebounds and seven rebounds in total.

12:50: Stony Brook scores two on a thunderous put-back slam by Dallis Joyner off of an errant three-pointer by Bryan Dougher. The dunk put Stony Brook up 31-28 with 2.7 seconds left in the first half.

12:46: Martin sinks both free throws coming out of the timeout but Albany responds with a bucket of their own. Chris Martin attacks the basket again and is fouled. He is now 9-of-10 from the foul line. Stony Brook is up 27-25 with 1:38 left in the first half.

12:44: Media timeout. Chris Martin will shoot two more free throws for Stony Brook when the action restarts. Martin has driven into the lane repeatedly and has been rewarded with six free throw attempts. Stony Brook is up 23-20 with 2:58 left in the first half.

12:40: Stony Brook has seems to have developed a sense of urgency on defense. Coming out of a media timeout, Stony Brook grabs three offensive boards but is still unable to score. Stony Brook still leads 23-20, with 4:25 to go in the first half.

12:37: Stony Brook makes a defensive stand then scores on a fast-break layup by El-Amin. Stony Brook leads 23-20 with 5:52 to go in the first half.

12:36: Coming out of a media timeout Chris Martin hits two free throws to help Stony Brook regain the lead, 21-20 with 6:50 left in the first half.

12:33: Stony Brook’s Chris Martin will shoot two free throws. He hits both, drawing Stony Brook to within one of Albany. Albany is ahead 20-19 with 8:04 to go in the first half.

12:30: Albany timeout. Stony Brook’s Preye Preboye scores two to follow a free throw by Chris Martin. Albany is up 18-15 with 9:07 remaining in the first half.

12:26: Muhammad El-Amin zips a pass into Andrew Goba down low for an easy two. Will Harris responds with a three. Albany leads 16-12 with 10:30 to go in the first half.

12:21: Stony Brook’s Marcus Rouse drains a three to bring the Seawolves within one. Albany leads 11-10 with 12:06 to go in the first half.

12:18: Albany does not seem intimidated by facing the No. 1 seed. Another Albany basket gives them an 11-7 lead with 13:03 left in the first half.

12:14: Media timeout. Muhammad El-Amin strips the ball but misses a layup. Albany’s Will Harris sinks a three to give Albany a 7-5 lead with 14:59 remaining in the first half.

12:14: Stony Brook’s Bryan Dougher launches a three that misses the mark. Stony Brook is up 5-4 with 16:38 left in the first half.

12:10: Stony Brook’s Bryan Dougher steals the ball and takes it coast-to-coast for an easy layup. Albany scores inside to answer. Stony Brook leads 3-2 with 18:34 left in the first half.

12:08: Stony Brook vs. Albany has tipped off. Stony Brook wins the tip. Muhammad El-Amin misses a jumper but Tommy Brenton grabs the offensive rebound and goes to the line.

11:57: Stony Brook has taken the floor for their final warmups. America East player of the year Muhammad El-Amin just swished a three.

11:56: Seven minutes until No. 1 seeded Stony Brook tips off against No. 9 seeded Albany. Albany is shooting around.

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