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America East Tournament Live Blog: Day 1

The Stony Brook Independent will be bringing you constant coverage all weekend from the America East’s men’s and women’s basketball tournaments in Hartford, Ct. Today’s blog is contributed to by Michael Kelly and Raimundo Ortiz.

*For recaps of completed games, click here.
**For an irreverent behind the scenes look at the America East Tournament, check out Gene Morris’s blog.

Game 4; No. 4 Stony Brook Seawolves vs. No. 5 Binghamton Bearcats

10:10 And it’s over here at Chase Family Arena, as the Seawolves defeat the Binghamton Bearcats by a final of 71-60. The Seawolves now look forward to taking on No. 1 seed Hartford on Sunday.

10:08 More free throws coming for Jeter, who is looking to put the finishing touches on the Bearcats season. Stony Brook leads 69-58 with 34.8 seconds remaining.

10:02: Seawolves make their free throws and hold onto an eight point lead, 66-58, with 58.6 second remaining.

9:58: A drive down the lane almost resulted in Jeter’s fifth foul, but instead she gets to the line and makes both free throws. 62-55 Seawolves with 1:58 remaining.

9:53: Misha Horsey answers a Binghamton three-pointer with a three of her own, and just like that Binghamton drops another three. 59-50 Seawolves with 3:51 remaining.

9:47: Kirsten Jeter back in the game with 6:21 remaining. The Seawolves continue to lead, 54-44.

9:44: Stony Brook pushes the lead back up to six points, 50-44. Another foul pushes the Seawolves closer to the double penalty.

9:41: Binghamton is creeping back. Stony Brook now leads 46-42 and is in big foul trouble with eight as a team. Binghamton only has one team foul.

9:37: Stony Brook still leads 46-39, but Kirsten Jeter is back on the bench after picking up her third and fourth fouls. Not god basketball.

9:33 Both teams running up and down the floor shooting bricks. 43-36 Stony Brook with 11:43 remaining.

9:30 Not much offensive flow to the game as both teams have traded turnovers and the occasional basket. It’s 41-34 Stony Brook with 13:44 remaining.

9:23 Seawolves now hold an eight point lead, 39-31 with 15:48 remaining.

9:17: And, we are back. After trading opening possession misses, Joia Daniels connects for Stony Brook. Seawolves lead, 35-26.

8:59: A Crystal Rushin lay-up helps stem the tide a bit after Binghamton converted an easy hoops after Daniels missed two free-throws. It is 33-26, Stony Brook at the half.

8:57 The offense looks out of synch for the first time this evening with both Misha Horsey and Jeter on the bench. The Seawolves would do well to hang onto the lead they have now heading into the halftime break. 31-24 Stony Brook with 1:06 remaining.

8:52: Two quick Binghamton baskets out of the media timeout force Stony Brook Head Coach Michele Cherry to take a timeout. Jeter is still on the bench. 28-20 with 3:20 remaining.

8:49: Stony Brook continues to shoot the ball well and has pulled ahead 28-16 with 3:49 remaining. All of this with Kirsten Jeter planted on the bench since she picked up her second foul.

8:46: Binghamton’s Viive Rebane is whistled for a travel, followed by Stony Brook’s Crystal Rushin stepping out of bounds. Stony Brook leads 24-11 with 5:51 remaining in the first half.

8:42: Media timeout. Stony Brook’s Destiny Jacobs scores in the paint to give Stony Brook a 22-11 lead with 7:42 left in the first half.

8:37: Jump-shot by Gerda Gatling gives Stony Brook a 20-11 lead with 10:59 left in the first half. Stony Brook is shooting well against Binghamton’s 3-2 zone.

8:33: Jackie Ward scores for Binghamton, but Misha Horsey hits a jumper to match it. Ward answers again with another bucket. Stony Brook leads 16-11 with 12:38 to go in the first half.

8:28: Coming out of a media timeout Stony Brook is called for a shot-clock violation. Leading scorer Kirsten Jeter is on the bench with two fouls. Stony Brook leads 10-7 with 14:30 remaining in the first half.

8:25: Kirsten Jeter has scored Stony Brook’s first eight points. Stony Brook leads 8-4 with 16:48 left in the first half.

8:19: Binghamton wins the tip. Binghamton’s Erica Carter scores the first basket and Kirsten Jeter answers for Stony Brook.

7:58: Woah, woah, woah! Without us even noticing at first, Binghamton also has a marching band here! The battle lines have been drawn.

7:53: Unless a brawl breaks out during warm-ups, we’re pretty much just going to watch the marching band until the tip. In that spirit, the marching band just switched the side of the bleachers they are on. We think this could be a difference-maker late in the game. Maybe.

7:47: The Seawolves have taken the court for warm-ups. The crowd is a little sparse after the hometown team’s win, but the Stony Brook marching band is here in full force.

Game 3; No. 1 Hartford Hawks vs. No. 9 New Hampshire Wldcats

7:41: Mercifully, it is over. Hartford wins, 68-35. Check the link above in a little bit for a full recap.

7:33: So, what do you do in a blowout? Throw random stats out there- the teams are a combined 1-of-18 from deep, and Hartford is outrebounding New Hampshire by 14. Oh, yeah- they are also outscoring them by 33 with four minutes to play.

7:25: It is not getting any closer- Hartford now leads by 33 with a little over eight to play. To add insult to injury, New Hampshire just missed two layups.

7:17: Hartford’s punishing low post attack is continued as Dana Delva is sent to the line again for two. She hits both putting Hartford up 50-23 with 12:50 to go.

7:12: New Hampshire is elevating their game offensively but Erica Beverly and Diana Delva continue to score at will. Beverly has 16 points on 6-of-8 shooting. Hartford is ahead 46-21 with 15:45 to go.

7:03: Hartford starts the second half without changing their game plan much. Diana Delva hits a shot, gets fouled, misses the free throw, but scores again off an offensive rebound. Hartford leads 36-17 with 18:41 remaining in the second half.

6:47: Hartford finishes the half on a high note, with Erica Beverly stripping the ball and taking it coast to coast for an easy layup. Hartford is up 32-17 as they head into the locker room. Beverly leads Hartford with 10 points and Lauren Wells leads New Hampshire with five points.

6:41: Diana Delva and Erica Beverly of Hartford continue to score inside. Both Beverly (six points) and Delva (eight points) are 3-of-4 from the field. Hartford has a 25-11 lead with two minutes remaining in the first half.

6:32: Hartford’s offensive attack has been balanced and the point totals are spread out evenly for them. Candace Williams is leading New Hampshire with 4 points. Hartford is ahead 21-11 with 5:59 remaining in the first half.

6:24: New Hampshire is struggling to shoot so far. They are 3-of-13 right now and trailing Hartford 13-7 with 9:27 to go.

6:18: Hartford’s Erica Beverly is living in the post with four points and two rebounds already. Hartford leads 9-3 with 13:12 to go in the first half.

6:10: Hartford has opened the game by trying to get the ball down into the post, but New Hampshire seems willing to battle them. The score is 3-2 with 16:40 left in the first half.

5:56: We are back with you with just four minutes until No. 1 seed Hartford takes on the winner of the play-in game, New Hampshire.

Game 2; No. 3 Boston University Terriers vs. No. 6 UMBC Retrievers

4:09: Boston closes out the win over UMBC, 60-49. Boston sophomore Alex Young finished the game with 23 points on 9-of-16 shooting, and was 4-of-9 from beyond the arc.

4:03: Young sinks another three from the right corner, giving her 23 points. The score is 55-46 with 2:30 left.

3:58: Boston’s Young and UMBC’s Cassidy continue to battle each other as Young sinks a corner three and Cassidy responds with a foray to the hoop resulting in free throws. 3:48 left and Boston’s up 52-41.

3:56: Timeout Boston. UMBC has hit a bit of a cold streak while Boston keeps plugging away. Boston’s Alex Young is leading the Terriers with 17 points on 7-of-14 shooting. Boston leads 49-39 with 4:09 remaining in the game.

3:40: Boston has been attacking the basket more aggressively than UMBC and is getting easier looks as a result. UMBC’s Carlee Cassidy has taken her team’s offense into her own hands with 11 points on 5-of-13 shooting. Boston leads 41-28 with 11:44 to go in the game.

3:34: Boston has been much sharper from the field than UMBC, shooting at a 46 percent clip. Boston leads 37-23 with 15:14 left to go.

3:26: UMBC opens up the second half with a three, and Boston responded with a bucket of their own. Both teams seem to have come out with a bit more pep in their step. 18:25 left in the second half.

3:08: Boston was able to pull ahead as the half wound down, and now leads it 28-18. UMBC only shot 26 percent from the floor, and were outrebounded by six (20-14) for the half.

2:58: Just over four minutes to go, and the Terriers still lead it, 20-10. Alex Young is leading Boston with nine points, and Michelle Kurowski is pacing the Retrievers with nine of her own.

2:44: Terriers still up, 12-7 with 10 minutes to play. Boston is still winning the hustling game; of the 12 rebounds on the UMBC end, the Terriers have managed to grab five of them.

2:36: Boston is up 7-4, and seems to be the aggressor early on in this one. UMBC looks a little tentative thus far, with the Terriers managing to grab most of the loose balls.

2:31: We’re underway! Boston has an early 2-0 lead off a basket from Alex Young.

Game 1; No. 2 Vermont Catamounts vs. No. 7 Albany Great Danes

1:50: And Vermont advances to the semifinal round, where they will either play No. 3 Boston University or No. 6 UMBC. Final score: 61-36, Catamounts.

1:45: Albany’s shooting woes continue as they are shooting 17 percent (9-of-55) from the field. Vermont is up 56-34 with 2:29 left on the clock.

1:37: Albany guard Keyana Williams goes down with an injury and is helped off the court. Vermont leads 52-32 with 4:50 to play.

1:34: Vermont’s Pilypaitis hits two free throws. Pilypaitis has 13 points, two rebounds, two assists, and two steals. Vermont is up 50-32. 5:18 remaining in the second half.

1:31: Kendra Seto misses a turnaround fadeaway jumper. Albany guard Ebone Henry to the line for two. Vermont up 45-28 with 7:02 left in the second half.

1:25: Traveling violation against Vermont forward Kendra Seto. Vermont leads 44-24. 9:39 left in the second half.

1:17: Media timeout. Albany is shooting 15 percent (6-of-39) from the field. Vermont leads 43-22. 11:28 remaining in the second half.

1:09: Media timeout. Alissa Sheftic is five-of-six from the field and has scored 11 points to go with six rebounds and two assists.

1:07: Vermont leads 38-22 as they turn the ball over back to Albany.

12:46: The first half ends with Vermont up 32-20. Vermont jumped out to a 16-3 lead early, but Albany guards Felicia Johnson and Charity Iromuanya have shouldered the scoring load for Albany with seven and five points, respectively. Courtnay Pilypaitis leads Vermont in scoring with eight points.

12:44: Timeout Vermont. Vermont leads 32-20 with 51.2 seconds remaining in the first half.

12:36: Coming out of a timeout, Vermont leads 25-15. Just over four minutes to play in the first half.

12:30: After some serious technical difficulties, we’re here! Vermont leads Albany by a score of 20-13 with 6:24 left to play in the first half.

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